«People have the right to talk about what they need, but they are not qualified enough to say how and in what form the desired should be received. That is, public opinion can determine goals, but it is hardly suitable for choosing the means to achieve them.»
James Bryce
1833 - 1922
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The basis of our philosophy is that democracy exists only when the opinion of every interested person is taken into account, regardless of the importance of the issue affecting the life of society.

Our system enables the User to participate in the surveys on wide range of different topics and instantly see the result on an interactive world map.

This approach allows us to visually demonstrate to users the views of surrounding people and help to understand their priorities, providing an opportunity to face the real public opinion.


You can create surveys for both the family / friends, and for a large number of people, the staff of a large company or city residents. The result is displayed on the map instantly as the users answer.

Anyone can offer a question for all users from their country or even users from other countries, no matter how many of them there are, and if the question is supported by other users, it will be published.

Integrated Google Translator allows users to view and understand the surveys in other countries, even if they do not know the language.