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About the project

We have created a service to find out people's opinions on topical issues, analyzing their moods and identifying points of tension that require attention.

Today the surveys are made by the interviewer either by phone or on the street – in this case the sample of respondents is about 1600 people per 146 million country, which is 0.00001% of all residents, or locally on certain thematic sites, where the sample is limited to the target orientation of a particular information resource. How accurate can such results be? Will the sample reflect the fullness of all views of Russians?

However, in many surveys it is important to take into account gender, age, financial side, marital status, profession, region of residence, and in an ideal situation to monitor the change of all these parameters in time.

After analyzing these problems, we decided to develop a mobile app, which will allow us to reach an audience up to millions of respondents, while reducing the time for collecting information and creating a more transparent tool for collecting public opinion. In fact, each person's response is instantly displayed as a result without going through the processing, which allows to exclude the "human factor" that usually affects the presented results.

The indisputable advantage that distinguishes this project from the generally accepted methods of interviewing respondents will be the ability to easily check the results for each respondent, both by himself and by an outside observer.

Our principles

・   Сlarity

・   Responsibility

・   Honesty

・   Ethics

・   Respect

・   Professionalism

Who is it for?

The project is at an early stage of development, so the published version of the application does not implement all the ideas put into it. We gladly accept constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement: the project is made for people, and each of you can influence how it will end up as a result. In the near future, the functionality of the app will cover all the following groups of users

Ordinary people

In everyone's life there are situations where you need to gather the opinion of friends, acquaintances, classmates or colleagues. For example, what to give to a common friend, where to spend an evening, where to go on weekends, what to wear, etc. So you can combine classmates to make common decisions.

Homeowners Associations

Housemates of an apartment house are often too difficult to put together to make joint decisions. Our project will help to take into account the opinion of each of them.

Residents of a city
or a region

We often learn about the adoption of some decisions related to the life of the city or a region from the media or the fact of the changes that have taken place. It is not always clear whose opinion was taken into account. This project will allow all who are not indifferent to participate in the changes in the city. And it will be more convenient for representatives of local authorities to involve residents in the decision-making process.

Country citizens

It is important for the authorities of any level to know the mood of people on various issues, whether it concerns reforms, the adoption of new laws or changes in existing ones. After all, if the reaction is positive, then any changes will be accepted willingly, and if people do not understand the upcoming changes, our project will allow us to understand what are the doubts of people, pay attention to the pain points.


It is important for the company's management to know the opinions of its customers and monitor the situation on the market, as well as conduct marketing research before bringing a new product to the masses. However, it is equally important to know and adjust your own employees. This is especially true for distributed grid companies, when it is important to understand the situation separately in each city and region, to understand the reasons for staff turnover, and to take appropriate measures to stabilize and improve the situation.


Increasing the number of users will create thematic communities of interest, for example: family, sports, health, travel, medicine, agriculture, politics, etc. You will be able to learn the latest news and participate in the most relevant studies in areas of interest to you.

How does it work?

Why do you need to pay for some surveys?

Our project allows users to group together, create surveys and find out opinions on any topic. If the surveys are private and held among your relatives, friends or acquaintances, they are free of charge.

If you want to become an author of an open survey, which can be addressed to any number of people in different cities and even countries, then for this opportunity we charge a fee. Just imagine that any person could ask questions to all the people. The amount of spam will be so great that even your mail has never seen so much. So charging is a sort of filter of the seriousness of the surveys. The more people are involved, the bigger will be the cost.

In other words, a paid survey of a large number of people will be appropriate only for organizations with a large staff of employees or making a sociological or market research market. They also have an opportunity to create a closed account for their employees. Simple users get points for participation that can be used to improve their account or to ask a large number of users. Also we plan to add to the project various tests that will help you to learn about yourself a lot of interesting things.

And, of course, any company must earn something to be able to pay salaries to its employees, and our project is not an exception.

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